Spring forward!

Hope you’ve remembered to put your clocks forward one hour.

Most of our time-pieces just moved on automatically:

mobile phone, land-line phone, iPad, laptop. We’ve only got four actual clocks: a watch each, the clock on the cooker and an old fashioned, battery operated carriage clock. They didn’t take long to alter!

I have an old 1930s mantelpiece clock

that belonged to my grandparents but that doesn’t work any more. Sometimes I think I’ll take it to the clock repairer in town and get it mended. But then I remember its loud tick-tock and church-bell chimes on every quarter plus the striking of the hour and I’m glad its silent. It has a lovely polished walnut case and although rather plain it’s quite attractive so I keep it on the window-sill for old times sake!

I love Spring flowers.

We went for a walk round the gardens of our local “big house” yesterday and the daffodils were glorious. Masses of primroses were out too and their dainty flowers and delicate creamy-yellow petals were beautiful. The flower beds had all been cleared of last-year’s growth and there were all the signs of burgeoning plant life. Scarlet miniature tulips in one of the main flower beds were a stunning new addition since last year. And the full size tulips were well developed and should be out into full flower soon.



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Hope you’re enjoying the weekend.

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