5 Easy-to-Grow Perennials

My garden is quite small and more than half is covered in gravel. This is because our house was constructed about fifteen years ago on a brown-field site which was used by agricultural machine engineers for decades. Some parts of the site were solid concrete and just gravelled over.

The part of the garden which is soil is of poor quality and very chalky. As a fairly lazy gardener I keep things basic and simple. Last year I decided to re-plant one of the flower beds and I looked on gardening websites for plants which were easy to grow and would make a comeback each year.

I also wanted plants which were attractive to bees and butterflies.

These are five of the plants I selected. They seemed to settle in well last Autumn and are already starting to show signs of growth.

1. Geranium


2. Astrantia


3. Echinacea


4. Gaura


5. Scabious


My colour theme for the flower bed is cream, white and shades of pink.

I planted:

4 pink Geraniums

3 cream Astrantia

3 dark pink Echinacea

3 white Echinaceas

3 white Gaura

3 dark pink Scabious

3 pale pink Scabious.

I bought the geraniums from a local farm shop and the others from an on-line plant supplier. They were delivered as well established plants in 9cm pots and all survived the journey as the packaging was very good.

Hopefully in the Summer there will be a good display of flowers and lots of bees and butterflies.

Thanks for reading my blog today.