Two plants for a cheap and easy splash of summer colour.

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I found a couple of half-used packets of seeds in the garage yesterday.

And there was a nice empty space in one of the large containers at the side of the house.

So, I just shoved the seeds in,

gave them a dash of water

and now I’ll sit back and wait for a splash of summer colour in a few weeks time.

(I hope!)


Common Marigold

calendula marigold
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Must be the easiest seeds to grow.

They’ve never let me down and I love their bright orange flowers. As the RHS says:

a fast growing annual or biennial with aromatic leaves

and heads of vivid orange daisy-like flowers,

borne in long succession in the summer and autumn until the first hard frosts.

What do they mean – common marigold indeed!


“Even kids can sow them easily!”

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And these might actually be even easier to grow than the calendulas.

I had nine seeds left in last year’s packet and they’re supposed to trail so hopefully the nasturtiums will cascade over the edges of the pot.

As the oracle says:

easy annuals

with seeds so big that even kids can sow them easily.

They germinate quickly,

grow quickly too,

and the flamboyant flowers are large and colourful.

I’ll let you know when the seeds germinate…….

Thanks for stopping by and hope you have a great day.