Cinnamon: a delicious porridge topper

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I’ve found that cinnamon is a delicious topper for my daily breakfast porridge.

And not only does cinnamon taste good but it does you good as well.

According to our well-thumbed copy of Food is Better Medicine than Drugs,

cinnamon is very good for reducing blood sugar levels and can also help to reduce ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol levels.

Cinnamon appears to complement the health benefits of eating porridge oats  as well as tasting so great.

The website ‘Authority Nutrition’ offers 10 Evidenced-Based Health Benefits of Cinnamon which makes for very interesting reading.

But like so many things that sound too good to be true not everyone agrees.

The website Cinnamon Vogue points out some side-effects that may occur with adding cinnamon to your food that also need to be considered.

It appears there are two main  types of cinnamon: Ceylon and Cassia.

And there’s a substance called Coumarin which is toxic and found in all forms of cinnamon.

But there’s less Coumarin in Ceylon cinnamon than there is in other types.

Overall, it seems that a small, occasional addition of cinnamon to your daily porridge oats won’t do you any harm and may well do some good. And if you buy the more expensive but purer Ceylon cinnamon that will be better still.

And cinnamon does taste really good on porridge oats especially oats from our favourite brand, Yockenthwaite so I’m going to continue with an occasional sprinkle!

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Hope you’re enjoying a great Easter weekend.