I ❤💟80s Music!

cassette tape recorder
image credit: https://pixabay.com/en/cassette-tape-music-retro-audio-2055620/

My teenage niece announced to her mum

that the younger generation was reclaiming the 1980s.

I suppose it’s the Bananarama revival hair and jeans.

And the other day the BBC identified seven more 80s bands that writer Emma Saunders wished to see reunited.

And I agree with her.

The names!

The memories!

The music!

Frankie goes to Hollywood

The Smiths

Curiosity Killed the Cat

Style Council

The Housemartins

Bronski Beat

The Thompson Twins.

Especially The Thompson Twins!

And looking at The Greatest Musical Artists of the ’80s the list of fantastic singers and bands in the eighties just goes on and on.

I’ve realised that my taste in popular music stops at the eighties. What happened in the nineties and noughties? I haven’t a clue!

And of all the brilliant songs from the eighties this is my absolute favourite.

Hope you have a great Bank Holiday weekend.