It may be May Day for you but it’s Camellia Day for me!

It’s May Day: the day the fleece comes off my potted camellia.


I’ve been hanging on

and waiting for any last vestiges of Spring frosts to disappear before risking the fleece’s removal.

I concede that my arrangement of the fleece is a little bizarre.

It took two packets of clothes pegs and half a ball of garden twine to get the camellia bagged up. There have been moments during winter storms when the fleece has billowed like old sails. But some judicious  re-pegging has kept the fleece in place since last October.

It’s bright and sunny. There’s only a slight breeze. The temperature is about 11 degrees.

Time to pick off the pegs.

Time to get out the scissors and cut the strings.

Time to unroll the bubble wrap round the pot.


And, yes, there are buds!

And even a couple of flowers already.

I’ve watered the camellia with some diluted ericaceous plant food.

Now, watch this space! I’ll let you know what happens.


Thanks for visiting 3sixtyfive Blog and hope you’re enjoying a great Bank Holiday Monday.