How’s your hearing?

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Did you know that Specsavers have produced a free app that can provide a basic hearing test?

If you have the TV up too loud,

if it seems like everyone’s mumbling,

if conversations are hard work in noisy places,

if you ask people to repeat themselves on the phone,

or if friends and family make comments about your hearing,

then you might need to do something about it.

If it’s not as bad as that but you’re wondering if your hearing is as good as it could be, then this app might help.

I downloaded the app onto my iPad yesterday

and found it easy to use. You need some headphones and the hearing test takes two or three minutes.

I was sceptical as I thought the report would say that action was needed and that I should go to the nearest Specsavers hearing centre straightaway. But it wasn’t a sales gimmick at all. The app did just what it promised: a simple, fairly rudimentary hearing test to give you a guide.

I was pleased to find that my hearing was normal.

Obviously, if you’ve got serious concerns then you need to get to your doctor asap. But if you just want a little re-assurance, then this app is worth getting.

There are more details on the Specsavers website if you’re interested.

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