We enjoyed watching “Gunpowder” on BBC1.

The series is a beautifully produced drama with lovely lighting in some of the interior shots. The graphic punishment scenes are convincingly gruesome and serve as a timely reminder of what was commonplace in England not all that long ago!

Not being Game of Thrones viewers we’re unfamiliar with Kit Harington, the mover and shaker behind “Gunpowder”. It’s interesting to read that Harington is descended from Robert Catesby (the ring-leader of the plot) on his mother’s side; and through his father’s family history he’s related to James I, the target of the assassination attempt. Another ancestor is Lord Harington who was in the Houses of Parliament which Catesby and his co-conspirators tried to blow up.

I don’t usually read the Daily Mail but I stumbled on this interesting article which shares  a different perspective of the show.

I know too little about the period to judge the historical accuracy of the production. But it’s been great drama for Saturday night viewing!

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