Well said, Daisy Goodwin!

10 Downing Street, London
image credit: By Number 10 (Number 10 front door) [CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

In the News today is Daisy Goodwin’s #MeToo story about the day she was groped in Number 10, Downing Street.

If you missed Daisy’s assertive story you can read it on the BBC News website.

Maybe more women who have stood up to sexual harassment can share their stories and describe how they took back control of a situation. Hopefully the official concerned in Daisy’s story learned his lesson and mended his ways. Probably too much optimism on this one!

The other day I told you about my sexual harassment experience.

After my “fight or flight” decision I thought about what to do if I ever again found myself the subject of unwanted physical attention.  I used my strategy several times over the ensuing years and it always worked.

Step 1

Look the perpetrator in the eye.

Step 2

Articulate clearly in a low, slow, calm, quiet voice, “Fuck Off!”

I have several theories why my strategy worked but most importantly it made me feel good and in control and therefore not afraid.

Sorry about the Anglo-Saxon but you can’t be wimpish in this situation.

Which reminds me of an old adage my mum often quoted when we were growing up.

“Say what you mean and mean what you say,” was one of mother’s many lessons for life.

Of course now I wonder where she found the quote.

Maybe, Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland.

“Then you should say what you mean,” the March Hare went on.

“I do,” Alice hastily replied; “at least–at least I mean what I say–that’s the same thing, you know.”

“Not the same thing a bit!” said the Hatter. “You might just as well say that “I see what I eat” is the same thing as “I eat what I see”!”

Maybe not!

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Alice in Wonderland
image credit: John Tenniel [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons