5 reasons to eat avocado

image credit: https://pixabay.com/en/avocado-green-sliced-yellow-seed-878958/

I can’t eat citrus fruits as they seem to exacerbate my muscositis and I’m eating more papaya, mango, canteloupe and kiwi fruit instead.

Although avocado are not big for Vitamin C (10mg per 100g) I’m eating them regularly too.

1. Minerals

Avocados contain a number of useful minerals such as iron, copper and potassium.

2. Vitamins

Avocados are a good source of Vitamin B and Vitamin E.

3. Fibre

Avocados have more soluble fibre than other fruit.

4. Carotenes

Avocados are a source of carotenes which help to keep the eyes healthy.

5. Cholesterol

The oils provided by an avocado include oleic acid and linoleic acid and are recommended as part of a balanced diet to prevent high cholesterol.

Avocados are high in calories due to their high fat content and anyone who’s weight-watching will want to keep consumption low. 

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