Everything you always wanted to know about cauliflowers!

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5 Facts Everyone Needs to Know about Buying Cauliflowers

Cauliflowers should be dense and heavy.

The leaves should look fresh and green.

The florets should be tight and compact.

There should be no dark spots or mildew.

The stem should be satiny white with no dark patches.

Why Cauliflowers are the 51st Shade of Grey

On the Gransnet website a reader posted her thoughts on her new grey hair colour.

I went to a theatre matinee yesterday and from the back it was like looking at a field of cauliflower – all shades of white/grey. I have worn my hair grey for about 4 years now after colouring it blonde for most of my adult life. My hairdresser and family assured me that it was a lovely shade of grey and suited me. Seeing so many grey heads made me feel absorbed into a grey ‘blob’. I am now thinking of having some warm high/low lights. Trouble is that I now have a wardrobe of clothes suited to grey hair. I got rid of all the lovely camel, cream and warm shades when I decided to let my grey grow in.

8 Ways Cauliflower Can Make You More Healthy

Contains Many Nutrients

HIgh in Fibre

Good source of Antioxidants

May Aid in Weight Loss

Good Source of Choline

Rich in Sulphoraphane

Low Carb Alternative to Grains and Legumes

Easy To Add To Your Diet

Read more details here.

How Cauliflower Saved the World

The Oddest Place To Find A Cauliflower

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If You Only Read One Article About Cauliflowers Read this One

7 Facts You Didn’t Know About Cauliflower

Why Kittens are Cuter Than Cauliflowers

The Simplest Ways to Make the Best of Cauliflowers

are explored in this article by Katie Serbinski on the Mom to Mom Nutrition Website.

14 Simple Cauliflower Recipes

Confession Time

I entered the random word cauliflower into Portent’s Content Idea Generator to see what headlines it would throw up and couldn’t resist using the headlines to write a blogpost.

As Mark Twain said,

Cauliflower is nothing but cabbage with a college education!

Thanks for reading my blog today.


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