More about what’s happening to our NHS.

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Here’s my update to What’s happening to our National Health Service?

The #JR4NHS case  was filed in the High Court on December 12th.

However, the administrative court office has a backlog and told our solicitors that the office would not be able to issue proceedings until our case had got to the front of the queue.

In order that there should be no delay, we have served the papers anyway on the lawyers for the Secretary of State and NHS England.

They have 21 days within which formally to respond.

I’m quoting from the webpage  where there’s more information about the crowdfunding as well.

Did you know that Professor Stephen Hawking has joined the four originators of the campaign calling for a judicial review of Jeremy Hunt’s latest plans for our NHS?

Stephen Hawking joins lawsuit aimed at foiling Hunt’s NHS shake-up.

And last week Professor Hawking was supported by other well known figures.

We support Stephen Hawking’s legal action to save the NHS.

38 Degrees have organised a petition to STOP the new plans to dismantle our NHS

but I’m not persuaded that the person charged with responsibility for the health of the nation, aka The Secretary of State for Health Jeremy Hunt, is influenced by either petitions or public opinion.

A judicial review is the only way to stop Hunt’s latest schemes.

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