Best of the Business Plans #TheApprentice2017

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The Business Plans episode of The Apprentice is always the highlight of the series and this year it was a corker!

Having watched the brightest and the best of the entrepreneurial class of 2017 struggle through a weekly sequence of ludicrous tasks,

there were five candidates remaining in the process.

Confectionery gift company owner, Sarah

Politics graduate, Joanna

Recruitment consultant, James

Flower shop owner, Elizabeth


Serial company launcher, Michaela.

To scrutinise the candidates and their Business Plans, Lord Alan called in some favours and enlisted the help of some real entrepreneurs.

Claude Litner,

Claudine Collins,

Linda Plant


Mike Suter. (I can’t find him on either Google or Bing.)

21/1/2/17 Update The correct spelling makes all the difference!

Mike Soutar

The interviews between the candidates and the business gurus were hilarious. With some stunning put-downs!

Claude to Joanne

You don’t know how much you don’t know because you don’t know.

Linda to Elizabeth

It’s a very simple idea.

It’s a bit too simple actually.

Michaela to Claude

I’m sure there’s things you can’t do.


Claude to Eizabeth

You’ve been an absolutely memorable candidate.

But you’re impossible to work with.

After listening to his advisers,

Lord Sugar gave up on becoming a fashionista, an on-line florist or  a construction services supplier. He decided that on-line sweeties or recruitment would be the best investment.

And at the very end of the final episode Lord Sugar broke the habit of an Apprentice lifetime and backed both the two remaining candidates. But it could be that Sarah will have to undertake her re-branding exercise again as Sweeteeze is already in use.

jar of sweets
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