Can Doctor Google help to cure chilblains?

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In the nineteen fifties it was quite usual to develop chilblains on your toes during the winter months.

As far as we knew chilblains were caused by walking in the snow to and from school wearing wellingtons and knee socks. Then, as soon as we were home, kicking off the wellingtons and soggy socks and toasting our freezing toes in front of a roaring coal fire.

Our mother warned us we’d get chilblains but we ignored her until she was proved to be correct. Then we expected her to wave her magic wand and make the chilblains disappear.

I’ve not experienced chilblains for decades

and have been rather surprised to have them again. I haven’t been wearing wellingtons or wet socks and am wondering if they’re a side-effect of my chemotherapy although the chemo nurse didn’t think it was likely.

So, I’ve had a consultation with Dr. Google

and discovered an interesting article in The Guardian. The condition remains quite common and is associated with poor circulation amongst other causes. NHS Choices has a nice, concise page which explains what chilblains are; how to avoid developing them and how to treat them if you’re afflicted. Fortunately in most cases, they seem to clear up in a couple of weeks. The How Stuff Works website offers a detailed explanation of what chilblains actually are followed by a page of prevention and cures. The Top 10 Home Remedies website has How to Heal and Prevent Chilblains which includes some funny ideas which might just be daft enough to work.

I’m putting some of the suggestions into practice and hopefully my chilblains will have gone in a week or two.

Thanks for reading my blog today.