100th Blogpost

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I started writing this blog on March 20th 2017.

I challenged myself to write one post each day for one year.

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I missed three days in April but otherwise managed to publish a blogpost every day until May 6th.

Then disaster struck!

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I became ill and received a cancer diagnosis. The situation was serious as the primary cancer had metastasised into my liver.

I commenced chemotherapy on July 4th.

On July 10th I wrote my final post for this blog and signed off.

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I was writing an occasional piece for my Cabbage and Semolina Blog and thought that was all I could manage.

But as I became accustomed to the chemotherapy regime I found myself with a lot of time where I was physically exhausted but mentally alert.

So I turned again to the challenge of my daily blog.

On November 3rd I started writing 3sixtyfiveblog again.

And I’ve published a post each day since then.

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I’ve extended the topic areas to include posts about our NHS and learning to live with cancer.

I find that devising and researching my blogposts is good therapy when the side effects of the treatment are proving difficult.

And thankyou for reading my posts.

According to WordPress statistics there are 523 of you.

Mainly from the UK but also USA.

And you average 3.4 page views on each visit.

Of course, you could be fifteen readers who’ve read every page. In which case, wow!

And the comments are an added bonus. Thankyou 🙂

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I’m having 12 cycles of chemotherapy. If all goes to plan the treatment should be finished towards the end of February 2018.

So, plenty of time still available for writing a daily blog.

writing and word count
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Thanks for reading my blog today.