Good Recipe – Silly Name

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My sister was telling me on the phone the other day about her latest easy-to-cook-from-scratch recipe, cauliflower steaks.

She’d enjoyed cauliflower florets added to a pan of roasted vegetables

and was enthusiastic about making roasted cauliflower slices the centrepiece of her evening meal.

She said all you did was cut vertical slices about 1cm in thickness from a whole cauliflower. Lay the slices side by side in an oiled roasting tin. Sprinkle on whatever herbs or spices you fancied or happened to have in the store cupboard. She was talking turmeric and cumin. I think I would try dried tarragon. Cover the flavoured cauliflower slices with some grated cheese or a cheese slice and pop into a heated oven about 180 – 200 for roughly 20 minutes.

My sister was planning to serve her cauliflower steaks with wholesome brown rice and a mixed salad. A quick, healthy and economical meal which she was looking forward to eating.

After we’d put the world to rights and ended our conversation, I tuned in to the BBC News channel.

By one of those amazing instances of synchronicity that occur occasionally

BBC News 24 was reporting that M&S had decided to withdraw from sale their pre-packed cauliflower steaks. They’d received an avalanche of of customer complaints and ridicule for a £2 pack of two cauliflower slices with added lemon and herb dressing.

The objections were mainly related to price and packaging although some customers thought the “steaks” description was overblown.

If you were hoping to buy a pre-prepared cauliflower steak you’re too late!

An M&S spokesperson said they wouldn’t be stocking any more once the current supplies were exhausted.

But you could easily make one yourself for half the price.

Or you could try making cauliflower steak burgers if you want to complicate life!

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