How does your blog or website look on different devices?

How disappointing

when after all your hard work crafting a new blogpost or improving your website you realise that it doesn’t look so good on a device different to the one you used for its creation.

I read somewhere

that over half of all published blogposts are read on mobile phones so you really need to ensure that you’ve enabled the mobile phone version of your blog or website.

I use

Blogger blogs

WordPress blogs

and Weebly websites.

This is what I’ve discovered.

Blogger Blogs

You need to go to
Theme and enable the mobile version offered at the top of the page in addition to the web version.
But did you know that on an Apple iPad the web version is the one displayed? At least it is on my iPad Mini. And the web version is very difficult to read and navigate on such a small screen.
Also, with the mobile phone version of Blogger you lose all your sidebars so any useful information you’ve got in the sidebar of the web version isn’t displayed.
If you’ve enabled a Google Plus profile in the sidebar this is displayed below your blogposts but that seems to be the only gadget included with the mobile version.
You might need to review the information you’re trying to share via the sidebar and have a re-think if potentially over half your readers aren’t getting that info.

WordPress Blogs

To enable the mobile version of your WordPress Blog go to
your Admin Dashboard
Enable mobile theme.
However this version doesn’t display any of your sidebar information either.
On your mobile phone, if you go to the web version the sidebar gadgets are displayed after all the blogposts so a great deal of scrolling is needed to get to them.
Again, you might need to think again about any important information in your sidebar which your readers could be missing.
The iPad displays the sidebar gadgets after the blogposts too.

Weebly Websites

On Weebly websites the home page seems to be displayed the same on all devices except that the pages that are clearly visible in the menu bar on the PC version go into a dropdown menu on the mobile phone and iPad versions. This could necessitate a re-think about what’s on your landing page to point your readers in the direction you want them to go.

It’s well worth checking the appearance of your blog or website on all devices to ensure you’ve maximised all your opportunities to capture your audience!

Thanks for reading my blog today.

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