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There’s been an important development in the #JR4NHS campaign to secure urgent legal action for our National Health Service.

Read the latest update here.

This  whole issue of ACOs (Accountable Care Organisations) is very complicated but the #JR4NHS campaign explains in language that everyone can understand what’s being planned for our NHS.

My understanding is that ACOs are the means by which the Tories will achieve their dream of privatising our NHS and introducing an American-style health insurance system to the UK.

I hope I’m wrong. I was born into an NHS that embodied the hopes of the WW2 generation for a better future for all. And, when the time comes, that’s the health care system I want to die in. I don’t want to end up like Walt in “Breaking Bad” who had to spend his final  days stressing about how to fund his cancer treatment without bankrupting his family.

Please visit the  #JR4NHS website, read the information and support the doctors and medical professors who are trying to prevent the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care (no joke intended) from changing our NHS irrevocably.


I received another #JR4NHS update yesterday evening.

Good news but with an almighty sting in the tail.


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