Have you tried these lovely green teas?

A couple of weeks ago I was trying to find out if green tea has any health benefits.

I’ve been drinking a lovely Jasmine green tea from Newby,

expensive at about £4 for 25 teabags, but beautifully delicate. (Occasionally on a special offer at Sainsbury for £3.)

But I’ve also started drinking Twining’s Moroccan Mint tea.

It’s a mild green tea, with a rounding of spearmint and a touch of cardamom. I really like it and it’s good at the end of dinner as a calorie free alternative to eating a whole box of chocolate mints!

Twinings are selling 20 teabags for £2.49 but it’s cheaper at the supermarket.

I’m still not sure about the health benefits of green tea.

Certainly the NHS website was making a brew with cold water but traditional Chinese medicine credits green tea with many beneficial effects. I quickly scanned through these articles and was amazed at all the claims made for green tea.

Health Benefits of Green Tea at Shen Nong

Chinese Green Tea and your health at Ping Ming Health

Chinese Tea And Health Benefits at The Chinese Tea Shop

It’s a win-win really.

Jasmine Green Tea and Moroccan Mint Green Tea are lovely, refreshing drinks. While not acknowledging any significant health benefits, UK medicine is clear that there are no harmful side-effects. If the traditional Chinese Medicine claims for the benefits of drinking green tea are true, that’s a big bonus feature!

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