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Valentine's Day
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If you love reading romance novels

have you met the New Romantics?

In 2012 four writers:

Adrienne Vaughan,
Lizzie Lamb,
Mags Cullingford
and June Kearns

(all members of the Romantic Novelists’ Association)

decided to take destiny into their own hands and found

The New Romantics Press.

I’ve read nearly all the novels published by The New Romantics Press and enjoyed every one.

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Fast forward to 2016 and with ten romantic novels published between them, The New Romantics produced a compilation of samples to introduce their writing to new audiences.

Although I’d read novels by June Kearns and Lizzie Lamb already, I downloaded Take a chance on us and got to know Mags Cullingford and Adrienne Vaughan too.

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Take a Chance on us is a great way to try out each of the writers’ individual styles and get a flavour of the wealth of content they’re offering.

Each novel is truly romantic but these fantastic writers demonstrate such variety, originality and flair that every book is hugely different.

From June Kearns’ yee-ha romantic Westerner,
Lizzie Lamb’s smouldering Highlander,
Mags Cullingford’s worldly, charismatic Priest and
Adrienne Vaughan’s glamourous Film Star,
these writers show time after time that they can conjure up hugely attractive leading men for their entertaining, engaging and ever-so readable romances.


all handled with expertise and style.

Twists and turns.

Ups and downs.

Never a dull moment.

Great reads for holidays, winter evenings in front of the fire or lazy summer afternoons in the garden with a glass of chilled Chardonnay!

If you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a good romantic read, then you can look forward to any of these authors to make your day complete.

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You can read lots more about The New Romantics Press on their website and
to download Take a chance on us, just hit this link:

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  1. Ah, Cathy!
    Thank you so much for this great shout-out!
    Your daily posts are always so quirky, topical and funny (even with all the more pressing things on your mind at the moment!)
    We really appreciate your wonderful support!!

  2. Hello Cathy! Happy Saint Valentine’s Day and how lovely to catch up with you. Thank you so much for spotlighting the New Romantics Press and our novels on this very special and inspirational day. It’s much appreciated. Sending ‘the power of love’ to you too! X

  3. Reblogged this on New Romantics Press and commented:
    Many thanks to Cathy for this fabulous Valentine’s Day shout out for New Romantics Press’s novels. She thinks they’re perfect for Valentine’s Day (and any other day!). Maybe you will, too.

  4. Good evening Cathy, I wish I could say that I’d spent Valentine’s Day swigging back the Bolly and chomping on Godiva chops. Sadly, the old man’s gone down with the lurgy so between tweeting and writing my next novel, I haven’t really had the most romantic time. LOL. HOWEVER – your fabulous blog post has really cheered me up and spurred me on to get #5 out there some time around Easter, all being well. I’ve shared this post to all the Facebook groups I belong to (and they are legion!) so a nice bit of publicity for us all. Thanks again, you are a star.

  5. Mags is in Ireland, Cathy (and has forgotten her password!! 🙄) – so sends grateful thanks for this super post, together with lots of love!! xx

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