The first pop record I ever owned was ……

Helen Shapiro

Helen Shapiro singing “Walking Back to Happiness” in 1961.

My trawls around YouTube have turned up this fab video clip. I don’t recognise the programme but the song is just as good as I remember it.

Our dad had to go away for a few days and he said he’d bring back a new record.

On his return, after he’d shared out the sticks of seaside rock, he produced a small 45rpm disc in a bright, multi-coloured sleeve. He put it onto our gramophone turntable and we were amazed to hear Helen Shapiro belting out “Walking Back to Happiness”.

This was our first pop record (definitely not the last) and my sister and I played the record so many times we were word perfect within a day.

A couple of years later, Helen released “Look Who It Is”

which I wasn’t particularly keen on at the time. But I love this clip of Helen performing the song on “Ready, Steady, Go!” with the Beatles providing visual support. Except, where’s Paul?

The B-side of “Walking Back to Happiness” was “Tell Me What He Said” and I think it’s Helen Shapiro’s best song.

Well, that’s been a lovely walk down Memory Lane today!

You might also enjoy the second pop record I ever owned: #OnThisDay in 1936 Thomas William Hicks was born #TommySteele

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