Does anyone like corned beef and cabbage?

Today is #CornedBeefandCabbage Day. I wrote this blogpost last year on my Cabbage and Semolina Blog. It didn’t get many views so I thought the post could have another outing here.

The post includes a couple of newspaper clippings from the British Newspaper Archive.

I’ve had a subscription to the BNA for over two years and whenever I visit the site I always find treasure. It’s great for family history researching and for general interest as well providing many unique insights into times gone by. It’s at

Cabbage and Semolina

Image corn beef 1898 By A.C. Cunningham, San Francisco, California [Public domain], via Wikimedia

I’ve never actually eaten corned beef and cabbage together on one plate. Have you?

Corned beef – yes.

Cabbage – yes.

The two together don’t appeal to me in the slightest but as it’s #NationalCornedBeefandCabbageDay on social media I’ve been giving the combination some thought!

During World War Two and the years of austerity immediately afterwards Corned Beef and Cabbage seems to have been a menu staple.

This recipe is from 1941.

Sunday Mirror – Sunday 28 December 1941 Image © Trinity Mirror. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.

And the dish even received royal endorsement!

In 1923 the Prince of Wales (the future King Edward VIII who abdicated in 1936) was on a visit to Canada when apparently he enjoyed his corned beef and cabbage.

Western Daily Press – Wednesday 19 September 1923…

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  1. Yes! Cabbage and corned beef is a delicious dish, but not out of a tin. I prefer the real deal, so-called “boiled dinner”. A 3-5 pound piece of real corned beef, in the pressure cooker for an hour, or slow cooker, I suppose, or a cast iron pot on the wood stove, until fork tender, then toss in a bunch of potatoes in chunks and cook until nearly done, then add some green cabbage wedges and carrots and cook on until these are tender. Place the meat on a platter, surrounded by the spuds and veg, and serve with the sauce poured over and mustard on the side. Very satisfying!

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