Does anyone like corned beef and cabbage?

Today is #CornedBeefandCabbage Day. I wrote this blogpost last year on my Cabbage and Semolina Blog. It didn’t get many views so I thought the post could have another outing here.

The post includes a couple of newspaper clippings from the British Newspaper Archive.

I’ve had a subscription to the BNA for over two years and whenever I visit the site I always find treasure. It’s great for family history researching and for general interest as well providing many unique insights into times gone by. It’s at

2 thoughts on “Does anyone like corned beef and cabbage?

  1. Yes! Cabbage and corned beef is a delicious dish, but not out of a tin. I prefer the real deal, so-called “boiled dinner”. A 3-5 pound piece of real corned beef, in the pressure cooker for an hour, or slow cooker, I suppose, or a cast iron pot on the wood stove, until fork tender, then toss in a bunch of potatoes in chunks and cook until nearly done, then add some green cabbage wedges and carrots and cook on until these are tender. Place the meat on a platter, surrounded by the spuds and veg, and serve with the sauce poured over and mustard on the side. Very satisfying!

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