Like a garden full of weeds

Today it’s Weed Appreciation Day.
No-one seems to know who started this special day to celebrate weeds.
However, it’s not meant to be a day to promote the virtues of marijuana although some people have taken it up for that purpose.
In 2017 I wrote a blogpost on my Cabbage and Semolina Blog about weeds but that was a couple of weeks before #WeedAppreciationDay.
So, I thought the post could have another outing this year and contribute to the 2018 Weed Appreciation Day celebrations!

Cabbage and Semolina

umbelliferae-1341786_1280At secondary school I had a teacher who was fond of quoting these wise words:

A man of words and not of deeds
Is like a garden full of weeds
And when the weeds begin to grow
It’s like a garden full of snow.


I always understood this rhyme to be a longer way of saying “deeds not words” and hadn’t realised until recently that there was more to the rhyme than these four lines.


The origin of the poem is credited to John Fletcher (1579 – 1625), an obscure playwright and contemporary of Shakespeare.

The poem was mentioned in 1899 by Percy B. Green in his ‘History of Nursery Rhymes’. Green states that the rhyme can be found in a document in the British Museum dated 1680 written as a Puritan satire on the changeability of the  character of the restored king, Charles II. Not sure where that leaves…

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