Do you remember learning to read?

I’ve had changes to my chemotherapy treatment recently and it’s upset some of my daily routines including my blogging plan. So for another couple of days I’m going to re-blog from my Cabbage and Semolina Blog.
All the blogging gurus tell you that it’s ok to re-cycle some of your old posts and as this one has only been viewed 24 times you might not have seen it before. And actually even if you have seen the post before, the fairy illustrations are as lovely as ever!

Cabbage and Semolina

Are you from the Janet and John generation?

Or were your first reading friends Peter and Jane?

Maybe you were helped on the road to literacy by Mrs Blue Hat (or bloody Mrs Blue Hat as she was known to many of the teachers of my acquaintance who had to share their classrooms with her everyday). Or the dreaded Biff, Chip and Kipper!

I’m from the J&J years but we also had Beacon Readers at school. Kitty, Rover and Old Dog Tom are still lurking in the cobwebs of my memory somewhere.

However, at home I had a series of early readers called Simple Reading Steps.

These books were lovely.  They had bright orangey-red, paper covers; not much more than pamphlets really but they were wonderful.

The books featured a different fairy in each tale and I loved them all.

I don’t have the books any more but I’ve found…

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