Everything in its place

I’ve had some changes to my chemotherapy treatment recently and it’s upset some of my daily routines including my blogging plan. So for another day I’m going to re-blog from my Cabbage and Semolina Blog.
This post is about some of my late mother’s wise words. Well, she thought they were wise! As teenagers, my sister and I didn’t agree with her one bit. How about you?

Cabbage and Semolina

It’s been many years since my mother passed on but some of her wise words linger on.

She was very fond of quoting:

A place for everything and everything in its place.

My sister and I thought that she particularly overused the words in relation to our teenage bedrooms!

We understood the expression to be attributed to the Victorian domestic goddess, Isabella Beeton but it’s also credited to Samuel Smiles and Benjamin Franklin.

Isabella was born in London in 1836. Her mother was widowed when Isabella was four years old and she lived with grandparents for a couple of years. Her mother re-married and her four daughters made a new family with Mr Henry Dorling, the clerk to the Epsom Racecourse, and his four children.

The newly weds had thirteen more children over the next twenty years and Isabella became an expert at household management through first hand experience.


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