Rare old film clips of Queen Victoria

image credit: https://pixabay.com/en/crown-king-queen-crowns-2130770/

According to the accompanying notes, this film of Queen Victoria visiting Dublin was made on this day, April 4th 1900.

The film is a bit blurry in places and it’s quite difficult to see Her Majesty but the crowds and accompanying cavalry are very clear.

The oldest film of Queen Victoria was made at Balmoral in 1896.

This clip shows Queen Victoria getting out of a carriage on arrival at a garden party in 1898.

It’s in medium close-up and, after several seconds of film  of the horses’ rears, Victoria is clearly visible. After the Queen has gone out of shot, the remainder of the film is of the guests at the garden party. There are some lovely fashions including parasols.

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