Lots more hats

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I’ve posted about a lot of hats in the last few days from kitchen utensil inspired hats  to rather shocking hats with real wild life trimmings.

I’ve always liked hats and sometimes wish I’d been born in an era when it was the norm for everyone to wear some form of titfer.


The chemotherapy treatment I’m having causes acute sensitivity to sunshine and, as well as wearing sunglasses at the first hint of sun, I’ve had to re-appraise my hat wardrobe.

straw hat
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I have a lovely straw sun hat from M&S with a nice wide brim and a scarf round it.

Mine is cream coloured straw and the trim is a nicely co-ordinated beige and brown. This style gives plenty of cover and is light and easy to wear. Except when it’s windy! And then it feels as if it might take off although it never actually has.

So I’ve been looking for a hat which will give good sun protection on windy days and I’ve bought this Betmar Face Framer which has an elasticated section at the back to keep the hat secure. It’s a bit like a baseball cap but with a deeper peak and a pretty bow at the back. I’ve worn the hat when the wind was a strong breeze and it didn’t move an inch so I’m waiting for a sunny day with a very strong wind to give it a proper trial. Doesn’t look as though I’ll have to wait too long either as the weather forecast for next week seems to match those conditions.

So, hopefully, I’ll be out in the fresh air and enjoying the sunshine suitably protected with shades and sunhat.

Audrey Hepburn
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