10 Tips for Writing a Daily Blog

I started writing this blog on March 20th 2017.

I’d set myself the challenge of writing a blogpost every day about something that interested me to do with gardening, healthy eating, books, music and history.

After my cancer diagnosis I stopped writing the blog for a while but resumed on November 3rd 2017. I’d found that my chemotherapy left me mentally alert but physically exhausted for several days; I needed things to do that would occupy my mind while confined to the sofa.

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I’ve posted every day since November 3rd last year although some posts have been short and few have been more than 500 words.

I really enjoy researching and writing my blogposts. Receiving views, likes and comments is a real bonus and I thank anyone who’s read any of my posts and especially readers who’ve liked and commented. My blog averages 30 – 40 views each day but what really pleases me is that each day some visitors read several posts. And a very select group of readers – and you know who you are – read my posts every day. And I thank you for your support and encouragement.

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Here are my Ten Top Tips for anyone planning to write a daily blog.

  1. Decide what you’re going to write about and stick to it.
  2. If you start to struggle to create content, extend your topic areas.
  3. Write a monthly blog plan.
  4. Post at the same time every day. This is discipline for you and your readers know when to expect your post to be available. I post at 10.30am every day which gives me time to write a post in the morning if I haven’t prepared in advance.
  5. Use the scheduler.
  6. Prepare a few posts in advance that you can use if you’re feeling under the weather or for those times when you need thirty six hours in every day.
  7. Collect ideas for posts. I use post-its and stick them onto my monthly planner and move them around as my ideas evolve.
  8. Reply to comments. According to this fascinating article there are way over 440 million blogs in the world. If someone actually reads one of your posts and is so engaged they leave a comment, they deserve a response.
  9. Be delighted if readers stay on your blog and read several posts. 8 visitors who read 46 pages are showing better engagement than 100 visitors who read 1 page each.
  10. Enjoy writing your blogposts. If it becomes a chore, stop and post once or twice a week until you get back into it. Unless you’re writing for profit and it’s your day-job; in which case grab another coffee and get on with it – you’re at work!
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Thanks for reading my blog today.

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  1. I cannot imagine writing a blog post every day, but like you say, some of them can be pictures with a little bit of writing, etc. This is a good and sensible post – and yes, re those who click on others. I sometimes see my old posts in the ‘ten most read this week’ bit down the side of my blog, and think, I wonder how that happened??!!

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