Local election reporting on TV this week

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It amazes me

that the BBC and other mainstream news outlets didn’t appear to know there were six mayoral elections taking place on Thursday with results announced the next day.

On all the news and politics programmes I watched there was a total absence of reporting of the mayoral elections.

Labour held all its mayoralities and took the new one in Sheffield too.

The Daily Mirror noticed that these elections were taking place and bothered to report them.

I’ve known for years that most of the mainstream media is biased against the left but the reporting of this week’s local elections sinks to new depths.

I’ve just been reading the latest posts on The Skwawkbox where there is a completely different interpretation of Thursday’s local election results which as many people as possible ought to see so I’m re-blogging  it here.


“In a 1984-like misrepresentation, the BBC – and of course the right-wing owned media and Blairite Labour back-benchers – have painted Labour’s significant gains in Thursday’s local elections as a failure.

Coincidentally, many all of those pushing the ‘failure’ line have also independently decided to push a ‘have we reached peak Corbyn?’ line as well.

Here are some objective facts from the night that you might be excused for being surprised about based on the majority of ‘MSM’ coverage:

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