One swallow doesn’t make a summer

We have a pair of swallows that always arrive in the vicinity of our back garden before the rest of the flock. They perch on the telephone wire for ages on arrival.

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I wonder if it’s the same birds each year or if the flock appoints a couple of new outriders to lead the way each time.

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According to the RSPB website British swallows spend their winter in South Africa. They travel through western France, across the Pyrenees, down eastern Spain into Morocco and across the Sahara. Some birds follow the west coast of Africa avoiding the Sahara.

Imagine flying all that way under your own steam. And then back again!

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Last year when the swallows were preparing to migrate, I was at the start of my chemotherapy treatment. I didn’t expect to be here to welcome the swallows back this year. I was thrilled to go for my treatment earlier this week and come home to see the two swallows darting around the sky. No sign of the other swallows yet. They must have had a stopover somewhere for the Bank Holiday!

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