How rare or common is your surname?

If you want to find out how many people share your surname check out this site.

Based on National Office of Statistics data you can find out how many other people have the same surname as yourself. The data is from 2002 so it’s a bit out of date but it gives a general idea. My surname is rather commonplace (102 in the rankings) but my “maiden” name was more unusual being 1401 in the rankings.

My grandmother was a Smith which is number 1 in the rankings with 652,563 people sharing that surname.

The website displays some topical surnames, currently

June – 11 people

Summer – 116 people

Holiday – 411 people.

I searched

Sun and found that 1003 people have that surname.

304 people are called Rain and 124 people are named Thunder.

Seriously, the website is useful for family historians but it’s good fun too.

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