This is a useful list for Family Historians. #familyhistory

If you find that one of your ancestors has a rather obscure nickname this ​List of Traditional Nicknames in Historic Documents could be helpful.

Scanning the list, these caught my eye.

Babe = Mary (or used as a name for the baby of the family)

Butch = (Butch is a common nickname used to separate “Sr” from “Jr” mainly in cultures with German backgrounds. Typically the father (Sr) goes by his first name, while the son (Jr) will be referred to as “Butch” by family and friends.)

Doc = name given to 7th child

Heinz = Heinrich

Iggy = Ignatius

Kissy = Calista

Kit = Christopher

Mimi = Wilhelmina

Norm = Norman

Rita = Margaret

Sadie = Sarah

Telly = Aristotle

And it occurs to me that the list might also be useful for fiction writers looking for something slightly unusual for their characters.

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