Another blogpost about porridge


I’ve written several blogposts about porridge (see list on this page) including recommendations for some good brands of oats.

I’ve been using Flahavan’s Irish Organic Jumbo Oats recently but have become fed-up with fishing out the half dozen inedible husks that seem to appear in every panful.

I’ve gone onto Jumbo Oats produced by Shepcote of Driffield in East Yorkshire. They’re lovely and creamy but still have the coarser texture associated with jumbo oats.

The Shepcote website has a fascinating history of the company which was established in 1969. Originally trading in sugar, Sheppcote’s evolved into producing  handmade marzipan confectionary. In 1970 the company started supplying Fortnum and Mason’s with handmade marzipan petit fours and developed royal connections. The company has expanded hugely into a wide variety of products. I haven’t tried anything other than jumbo porridge oats but they really are good.

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