Wrong Frank Bridge

Frank Bridge
image credit: By Stellar Publishing / unidentified staff artist (Wonder Stories, October 1930) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Yesterday I wrote about the composer Frank Bridge and headed the post with a portrait I found of him on Wikicommons.

But checking Frank Bridge on Wikipedia I found the portrait didn’t look anything like him.

And checking the image more closely I realised it was captioned Frank J Bridge.


I’ve replaced the portrait on  yesterday’s post with a photograph of a piano keyboard from Pixabay.

And then wondered who was Frank J Bridge.

Looks like he was a Science Fiction writer.

On Goodreads he has two titles:

Via the Time Accelerator

Wonder Stories Volume 2

Presumably he wrote more but I can’t find any further details.

Via the Time Accelerator was published originally in 1931 and is available on Amazon. I read the free sample: it’s very short and at £2.34 seemed a tad overpriced for one story. It’s about a time machine and it wasn’t very convincing so I didn’t bother with it any more.

I did  enjoy The Time Machine by H G Wells however which I got as a free download for my Kindle some while ago. Published in 1895, Wells is credited with originating the term “time machine” and the story he tells is vivid and real. Highly recommended!

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