Summer of 1976 wedding

We celebrated our forty second wedding anniversary last week and these scans of our wedding cards surfaced when I was searching on my hard-drive for photos of the big day.

They’re a lovely souvenir of the 1970s and a beautiful day for a wedding in the glorious summer of 1976.

 We received some congratulatory telegrams as well. Telegrams?????

The style of 1976 telegrams was a tad more jolly than those sent to my parents for their wedding in 1950.

wedding telegram 1950 2wedding telegram 1950

But I think the wedding cards sent in 1950 are lovely, don’t you?

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  1. Many congratulations to both of you!
    You can always tell the former teachers – their weddings always took place during school holidays! (Our anniversary is this weekend.) Which means from then on it’s always the most expensive time to celebrate… 🙄

  2. Congratulations to you both. The artwork is beautiful, well done for thinking to scan and save them. The 50s style is so elegant and the 70s a lot of cute fun. Interesting that the photo card from the 70s of the bride standing by water could easily be a modern card found in a shop today I think.

    1. Thanks very much. You’re right about that card appearing contemporary although it hadn’t struck me until you mentioned it. I’ve got my mum’s 21st birthday cards from 1948 and they’re just lovely. 🙂

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