Sweets came off ration #OnThisDay in 1953

ration book
image credit: By The National Archives UK (Your Ration Book Uploaded by oaktree_b) [No restrictions or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Sweets were rationed during World War II but finally de-rationed on this day in 1953.

Sweets were first de-rationed in April 1949 but demand far outstripped supply and, after four months, they were put back on ration.

Sweets and chocolate rationing started on 26 July 1942.

The amount of sugar which you were allowed fluctuated during the war, ranging from 16oz a month down to 8oz (227g) a month. (That seems quite a lot to me!)

This clip from 1949 surely sets the bar for childhood greediness at an all time high!

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