Rievaulx Terrace April 2009

While we’re in lockdown and visits anywhere are restricted, I’ve been revisiting some favourite places by looking at old photos. You might like to join me on today’s walk!

We’re visiting Rievaulx Terrace in North Yorkshire. These photos are from a visit we made there in April 2009.

Rievaulx terrace is a National Trust property which is described as one of Yorkshire’s finest 18th-century landscape gardens, containing two temples.

Rievaulx Terrace, the 18th Century neo-classical pleasure garden created for walking, lunching and relaxing, has something for everyone. The beautiful terrace with it’s two stunning temple follies, sits high above Rievaulx Valley creating a perfect viewing platform to take in the spectacular surroundings.

In Spring, Rievaulx Terrace is famed for the wonderful wild flowers that can be found there. On the day of our visit we weren’t disappointed.

The view over the surrounding North Yorkshire Moors is spectacular. And you gain a whole new perspective on the ruins of Rievaulx Abbey in the valley below.

The temples at each end of the terrace are fine examples of eighteenth century architecture.

We had a memorable visit to Rievaulx Terrace in 2009 and are looking forward to returning when Covid precautions allow.

Meanwhile, I’ve enjoyed looking at these old photos and I hope you have too.

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