Time to get back in the garden

I’m what you might call a “fair weather” gardener.

In other words, I only enjoy gardening when the sun is shining. I’ve no interest in gardening in the pouring rain or when a gale is blowing. Or even a shower or a strong breeze. Consequently, my gardening can be a bit erratic.

As you probably know if you’ve read my blog before, I’ve been out of action for three years because of my cancer treatment. But now I seem to be on the road to recovery, my thoughts have turned to the garden. Helped by the sun shining brightly for the last couple of days, I might add.

Apart from the odd bit of light weeding, I haven’t been strong enough to work in the garden for ages. Most of the routine maintenance has been undertaken by my husband, Michael. He derives no pleasure from gardening: to him it’s just one big chore to be undertaken only when absolutely necessary. For example, when the grass is so long it’s likely to defeat the lawn mower. Or the weeds in the gravel are so dense the gravel has disappeared. But credit to him, despite his antipathy to gardening, he’s kept things tidy for the previous three summers.

We only have a small garden.

Our house was built on a brown field site and half the garden is actually hard core covered with gravel. It’s about 50 paces from the top of the garden to the bottom and slightly less from side to side. The half of the garden which has soil was also part of the brown field site but was covered with top soil instead of gravel. There’s “natural” soil underneath but it must be contaminated with something because several shrubs we planted when we moved in have died off as they became established. But there’s a patch of lawn and a fine collection of dandelions and buttercups.

Now I’m back in gardening mode, I’ve been thinking a lot about what to do with our garden. And I’ve finally come to a decision. I’m not going to do anything much this year. I’m going to observe what’s growing and remove everything I don’t want in the garden anymore.

Where I’m aiming to get to is a wild flower garden.

But not a garden full of weeds. A managed wild flower space! With a few other pretty flowers alongside.

So far this year we’ve had a some snowdrops and aconites; they can stay. There’s a small area which is filled with daffodil bulbs which are about to flower. And they can stay.

I’ve found a few packets of seeds in the back of a cupboard and I’ll plant them when it’s a bit warmer. Forget-me-nots, Cornflowers, Calendula and Sweet Peas.

And I’m looking forward to cutting the grass.

I made an early start with learning how to use a lawn mower! But thankfully, they’re not such hard work as this any more.

I’ve got a new lawn mower. Ordered last week and delivered today. A nice, neat little Flymo with a grass box and a metal cutting blade. It’s almost exactly the same as the old one which we bought eight years ago which is now on its last gasp. And it will make short work of our tiny lawn.

So here’s my gardening plan for 2021.

  • Keep the grass neat and tidy
  • Observe what’s growing
  • Remove anything I don’t like the look of
  • Plant out packets of seeds acquired last year
  • Sit in the garden and enjoy it!
Image by Hà Phạm from Pixabay

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