Walking in the Wolds

I went for a walk along this track a couple of days ago.

It’s about a ten minute walk from our front door so well within the rules for exercise in the current lockdown situation.

I’ve been taking photos on my phone for the last couple of years but thought I’d try out my Canon compact digital once again and I’m really pleased with these images.

Lichen is such a fascinating organism.

The British Lichen Society has a detailed and informative website. And I have to confess I didn’t realise lichen were so complex. One sentence stood out:

There is good evidence for the lichen symbiosis as a mutualism, in which both partners benefit from the relationship. 

British Lichen Society

Sounds like a marriage made in heaven!

Up close this old farm gate was fascinating too.

As was this rotting hay bale:

Hope you enjoyed this short walk in the Yorkshire Wolds. You might also like a walk at Bridlington or this one at Rievaulx Terrace.

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