Troutsdale 2009

While we’re in lockdown and visits anywhere are restricted, I’ve been revisiting some favourite places by looking at old photos. You might like to join me on today’s walk!

This was a walk at Troutsdale in 2009.

If you’re driving on the A170 towards Scarborough and you arrive at a village called Snainton, look for a turning on the left signed “Troutsdale” and enjoy a really great drive. The road is narrow in places and at one point almost passes through a farm yard but there are some great open views at the edge of the North Yorkshire Moors National Park.

Just before the road drops sharply down towards Hackness, there’s an opened out area where you can park the car and take a stroll through the woods. It can be very muddy but it’s a great walk into the woods on either side of the road.

We haven’t been there for years so it could all be different now but the road layout and the views won’t have changed!

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