Walking in the Wolds

If you enjoyed my lichen walk a couple of weeks ago, I think you’ll like this post too.

When I stopped to take the second photograph for my diary of a field, I noticed a fallen tree trunk which is screened by the remains of a hedge and the undergrowth of the verge. It’s obviously been there for a long time but I’ve never observed it before.

When I got closer I realised there was some beautiful fungi growing on the rotting wood.

This patch of moss was like a flecked, tufted carpet.

And a couple of struggling plants were trying to make a new life for themselves in the cracks and crevices.

Rather a surprise to find so much!

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By Catherine Murray

For over thirty years I worked in British primary education as a class teacher and then as head teacher of four different schools. I retired early about ten years ago and have developed an interest in e-publishing as well as writing. In addition to my own books, I've published several novels written by my husband, Michael Murray. These include the best selling detective novel "A Single To Filey: a DCI Tony Forward novel". When not writing and e-publishing I enjoy family history, reading, gardening, country walks, music, films etc. A diagnosis of advanced colorectal cancer in mid-2017 was followed by 30 months of chemotherapy and two major operations in 2020. Our wonderful NHS has put me well on the road to recovery and I'm hoping to be cancer free for many years to come. I'm everlastingly grateful to my family and friends, especially my husband Michael, for their love and support.

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