Diary of a field 2nd update

A field in the Yorkshire Wolds

I’ve always wanted to keep a record of the changes to be observed in a field as the crop grows. And this year I’m going to do it! I pass this field regularly on my walks in the locality. The plan is to take a photograph every couple of weeks, add it to this blogpost and re-publish the post.

3rd photo April 12th 2021

A few more days have elapsed and the field hasn’t changed very much. It’s a bit more green and each individual shoot is about 5cms in height. Still no idea what’s growing. Considering how cold it’s been with frost, snow and hailstones several times in the last few days, it’s surprising there’s been any growth at all!

2nd photo April 3rd 2021

Only ten days later and the more sheltered part of the field where it dips down has already started greening over. Although there have been some very low night time temperatures, just above freezing on a couple of nights, there have been several very warm afternoons. And a few showers. So, whatever is growing seems to be off to a good start.

April 3rd

First photo March 23rd 2021

The tractor driver had just finished drilling the field when I took this photo. I don’t know what crop has been planted – wait and see!

March 23rd

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