Welcome to my blog.

Why 3sixtyfive?

In 2016 I challenged myself to write one post every day for one year.

This is how I got on:

First blog post

Last blog post

Well, here we are again!

100th Blogpost

250th Blogpost

365th Blogpost

So there we are! The history of 3sixtyfive Blog.

My name is Catherine Murray and I’m a retired primary school head teacher now enjoying family history, e-publishing and life in general. That’s despite a cancer diagnosis in 2017, fortnightly chemotherapy for 30 months and major surgery (twice) in 2020!

I stopped writing posts for the blog when my prognosis looked somewhat bleak but paid for the subscription to keep the blog going as, for incomprehensible reasons, it continued to find new readers.

Now I’m well on the road to recovery. My CT scan in November 2020 showed that, for the present, I’m cancer free. I have to have scans and blood tests regularly but I’m starting to pick up the threads of my life. I’ve re-visited this blog and updated all the posts. I’m planning to write new 3sixtyfive posts and will re-cycle old posts that still seem interesting.

So….watch this space!

Many thanks for visiting 3sixtyfive Blog and hope you find lots of posts to interest you.

Best Wishes,

Catherine Murray

In June 2021 I started chemotherapy again as I was diagnosed with secondary bone cancer. So I’ve changed my blog to a photo blog with an image each day from my garden. Hope for the best and plan for the worst is my new motto.

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