Gangs of New York

visited New York in 1911

a few days ago

and went back to YouTube to see what else I could find.

This clip from 1931 shows a different side to living in the city.

Gangsters not just in the movies!

And this is Al Capone’s cell in Eastern State penitentiary.

Al Capone
image credit: By Mike Graham from Portland, USA (Flickr) [CC BY 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons
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Interesting photo collection from pre-NHS days

The archive at Historic England has found a collection of 4000 photographs of nurses in pre-NHS days.

Search MED01/ for the whole collection or MED01 egBrighton for a specific place to see if there are any photos from a hospital near you.

This is my favourite photo so far. Click on the image for an enlargement.

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Rare old film clips of Queen Victoria

According to the accompanying notes, this film of Queen Victoria visiting Dublin was made on this day, April 4th 1900.

The film is a bit blurry in places and it’s quite difficult to see Her Majesty but the crowds and accompanying cavalry are very clear.

The oldest film of Queen Victoria was made at Balmoral in 1896.

This clip shows Queen Victoria getting out of a carriage on arrival at a garden party in 1898.

It’s in medium close-up and, after several seconds of film  of the horses’ rears, Victoria is clearly visible. After the Queen has gone out of shot, the remainder of the film is of the guests at the garden party. There are some lovely fashions including parasols.

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Some First World War clips of marching bands.

London Scottish Regiment at an unspecified time during WW1. No sound!

Massed Guards Band In St James’s Park (1917) who don’t look that much different to what you might see today!

The date is unspecified but possibly some sort of recruitment parade.

This clip just popped up in the Youtube sidebar.

As did this clip from the long running  (1971 – 1975) TV series “Upstairs Downstairs”.

There can’t have been a single family that wasn’t affected by the First World War. These are the stories of some of the people in my family history during that era.

I wonder what will happen when the commemoration ends later this year. Will the First World War be put back onto the selves of history or will we eventually learn some lessons from the carnage.

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