Blog History

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This was my 365th blogpost in 2018. In March 2017 I set myself the challenge of writing a blogpost every day. First blog post In May 2017 I received a cancer diagnosis and said farewell to my blog. Last blog post But then in November 2017 I returned to my blog. Well, here we are…… Continue reading Blog History

250th Blogpost today

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I wrote my  100th Blogpost on December 27th 2017 after starting the blog on March 20th. My cancer diagnosis caused a bit of a blip between May and November but I’ve managed to post every day since November 3rd. Admittedly some of my posts have been on the short side but that was always in the…… Continue reading 250th Blogpost today

Today is #WorldCancerDay

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Today is World Cancer Day which was established by the Paris Charter adopted at the World Summit Against Cancer for the New Millenium in Paris on 4 February 2000. This Charter aimed at “the promotion of the research for curing as well as preventing the disease, upgrading the provided services to the patients, the sensitisation…… Continue reading Today is #WorldCancerDay

100th Blogpost

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I started writing this blog on March 20th 2017. I challenged myself to write one post each day for one year. I missed three days in April but otherwise managed to publish a blogpost every day until May 6th. Then disaster struck! I became ill and received a cancer diagnosis. The situation was serious as…… Continue reading 100th Blogpost

Can Doctor Google help to cure chilblains?

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In the nineteen fifties it was quite usual to develop chilblains on your toes during the winter months. As far as we knew chilblains were caused by walking in the snow to and from school wearing wellingtons and knee socks. Then, as soon as we were home, kicking off the wellingtons and soggy socks and…… Continue reading Can Doctor Google help to cure chilblains?

Save one life you’re a hero. Save 100 lives you’re a nurse. #NHS

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Earlier this week I got my sixth cycle of chemotherapy at the Cancer Unit of my local district hospital. Once again I’ve had the very best of treatment administered by a team of wonderful specialist nurses. Now, I’m having 48 hours of chemotherapy at home and  a community nurse will come and take the pump…… Continue reading Save one life you’re a hero. Save 100 lives you’re a nurse. #NHS

If you can’t eat citrus fruits for your Vitamin C, try these instead.

For years I’ve been keen on eating my five-a-day especially oranges. From a very young age I’ve understood that oranges and other citrus fruits such as grapefruit, lemons, clementines, tangerines and satsumas are bursting with Vitamin C. And, indeed, oranges provide a very healthy 53.2mg of Vitamin C per 100g. Unfortunately, one of the side-effects of…… Continue reading If you can’t eat citrus fruits for your Vitamin C, try these instead.

Gogglebox Celebrity Special

We watched the Stand Up To Cancer Gogglebox Celebrity Special last night on Channel 4. We don’t usually watch Gogglebox and weren’t planning to join in the show’s fund-raising as we already make a donation every month to Cancer Research UK. But we wanted to see Jeremy Corbyn. In the current febrile atmosphere of  Westminster…… Continue reading Gogglebox Celebrity Special