Chemo Cycle 1 – Day 4

I’m feeling more tired today despite the steroids. Or maybe because of them because I woke at 2am with a racing mind and couldn’t get back to sleep. After mentally re-organising the garden, sorting out the storage in the garage and re-arranging all the furniture downstairs I did go back to sleep for a couple…… Continue reading Chemo Cycle 1 – Day 4

Chemo Cycle 1 – Day 3

The district nurse called at my home this afternoon to take the chemo pump down. I’ve had 46 hours of 5FU (aka Florouracil) intravenously via a Hickman Line which takes the chemo straight into the blood system. Hence to kill all dividing cells. Hopefully all the newest cancer cells but hair, toes and finger nails,…… Continue reading Chemo Cycle 1 – Day 3

Blog Update

In June 2021 I started chemotherapy again as I’d been diagnosed with secondary bone cancer. So I’ve changed my blog to a photo blog with an image each day from my garden. And I’ll write some text about living with cancer when I feel in the mood!

Chemo Cycle 1 – Day 1

8.30am First day of treatment at my local hospital’s chemo unit. Folfiri as before but no Cetuximab. (That was for the metastisised cancer in my liver, the remains of which was removed by surgery last year.) Lovely chemo nurse called Rachel looked after me really well. Home by 1.30pm and didn’t feel too crap. Sore…… Continue reading Chemo Cycle 1 – Day 1

Mirror, Mirror

Every morning, within the first few minutes of getting up I look in the mirror, pause and mutter something like, “I can’t believe it.” I told you last week that it’s been a year since my successful bowel cancer operation and that’s what I can’t believe. Well, not the passing of time; that’s easy enough…… Continue reading Mirror, Mirror

Cancer surgery in the age of Covid

One year ago today I had bowel cancer surgery. As I explained in a previous post, just before Christmas 2019 the oncologist and surgical teams decided to stop my drugs therapy and undertake surgery. I’d been diagnosed mid 2017 with advanced bowel cancer that had metastasised into my liver and pelvic bone. For two and…… Continue reading Cancer surgery in the age of Covid

Roll over Beethoven

I’ve always enjoyed listening to Beethoven symphonies and piano concertos. About a year ago I was given CD boxed sets of the whole lot and as I worked my way through I enjoyed listening all over again. But recently I’ve had a whole new Beethoven experience. Have you ever listened to Beethoven’s string quartets? There…… Continue reading Roll over Beethoven