Today’s the Day

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On this day ….. who knows what was happening?

Check out some of these which might surprise you.

The Fourth of June at Eton College

The Woolworth Building in New York opened on this day in 1913.

Celebrate Shakespeare’s birthday with these lovely illustrations.

The Canterbury Tales #OnThisDay 1397

It’s National Tea Day!

Publication Day in 1925 for The Great Gatsby

Dante Gabriel Rossetti died on this day in 1882

Valentina Vladimirovna Tereshkova born #OnThisDay in 1937

Henry Wood was born #OnThisDay in 1869

Beautiful portraits of actress Ellen Terry born On This Day in 1847.

The celebrity cook Fanny Cradock was born On This Day in 1909

On This Day in 1939 the first Anderson Shelter was erected.

Today is #NationalDrinkWineDay

5 Literary Quotes to Celebrate National Cabbage Day!

Born #OnThisDay in 1945, Robert Nesta Marley

Sweets came off ration #OnThisDay in 1953

Edward Lear died #OnThisDay in 1888

Long running musical opened on Broadway #OnThisDay in 1964

Born #OnThisDay in 1904 – photographer Cecil Beaton

Clement Attlee was born #OnThisDay in 1883

#OnThisDay in 1934 Maggie Smith was born.

#OnThisDay Frank Sinatra Sings For You!

Celebrate the birth of Hermione Gingold #OnThisDay in 1897

5 Portraits of Octavia Hill born #OnThisDay in 1838.

Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” was released #OnThisDay in 1982.

5 websites about Ada Lovelace who died #OnThisDay in 1852.

The longest running British stage play opened in London #OnThisDay in 1952.

National Jukebox Day

On This Day in 1828 Franz Schubert died. #OnThisDay

On This Day in 1928 Micky Mouse was born. #OnThisDay

Happy Birthday William Shakespeare!

It’s National Tea Day!

#OnThisDay in 1936 Thomas William Hicks was born #TommySteele