Good Recipe – Silly Name

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My sister was telling me on the phone the other day about her latest easy-to-cook-from-scratch recipe, cauliflower steaks. She’d enjoyed cauliflower florets added to a pan of roasted vegetables and was enthusiastic about making roasted cauliflower slices the centrepiece of her evening meal. She said all you did was cut vertical slices about 1cm in…… Continue reading Good Recipe – Silly Name

Does green tea have health benefits?

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Recently I’ve been drinking a lovely Jasmine Blossom Green Tea from Newbys. The tea is quite expensive but has a lovely, delicate flavour. For years I’ve been under the impression that green tea is beneficial to health without really knowing why so I’ve  consulted Dr Google. The NHS choices website has an excellent analysis of…… Continue reading Does green tea have health benefits?

School children enjoy their free milk in 1937. #NationalMilkDay

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Primary school teachers will love this 1937 film clip from Pathe News. The sound quality is poor but the film is a wonderful record of the introduction of free school milk for school children. The man seated at the desk as the film opens is the head teacher. The head teacher tells a child to…… Continue reading School children enjoy their free milk in 1937. #NationalMilkDay

Metropolis premiered #OnThisDay in 1927

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Fritz Lang’s epic science-fiction drama, Metropolis, premiered in Berlin on 10 January 1927. The original cut of Metropolis has been lost and for decades only shorter versions of the film could be seen. However, over the years, various elements of footage have been rediscovered and in 2010 a new restoration was released on DVD and…… Continue reading Metropolis premiered #OnThisDay in 1927

Celebrate 5 amazing people born #OnThisDay

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What a great day January 8th is for celebrating the birth of these amazing people. 1. Born on January 8th 1947 in Brixton, London. 2. Born on January 8th 1942 in Oxford. 3. Born on January 8th 1937 in Tiger Bay, Cardiff. 4. Born on January 8th 1924 in Tottenham, London. 5. Born on January…… Continue reading Celebrate 5 amazing people born #OnThisDay

Yes! We Have No Bananas

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Bananas are the UK’s most popular fruit. On average we eat 10kg of bananas every year, about 100 bananas each. (BBC Good Food) The health benefits of eating bananas are many. 7 Wonderful Benefits of Banana 11 Evidence-Based Health Benefits of Bananas 25 Powerful Reasons to Eat Bananas But have you seen that the Cavendish…… Continue reading Yes! We Have No Bananas

Catch up with #JR4NHS

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To check out the progress of the crowdfunder for #JR4NHS go to Urgent Legal Action for Our NHS – Round 2.

Amy Johnson died #OnThisDay in 1941

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Aged only twenty seven years, Amy Johnson became a celebrity after her exciting solo flight to Australia in 1930. When Amy landed at Port Darwin she was described as looking sunburnt and tired but smiling. Wearing khaki shorts and a green sun helmet she was soon flying on to Sidney. From Sidney, Amy flew to…… Continue reading Amy Johnson died #OnThisDay in 1941

Clement Attlee was born #OnThisDay in 1883

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I know a lot more about the achievements of the 1945 Labour government than I do about Prime Minister Clem Attlee who was born on this day in 1883. So I’ve downloaded the award winning biography “Citizen Clem” by John Bew. I’ve heard Attlee described as “a sheep in sheep’s clothing” and thought this was…… Continue reading Clement Attlee was born #OnThisDay in 1883