Who followed the money in Dept Q?

BBC4, the home of subtitled noir according to Andrew Collins in the Radio Times, has recently shown a trilogy of cold-case thrillers grouped together with the prefix Department Q. The films are based on the novels by Danish crime writer Jussi Adler-Olsen. Department Q is the unit worked by Detective Carl Morck and Detective Assad. It’s…… Continue reading Who followed the money in Dept Q?

‘Ne’er cast a clout till May be out’.

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My camellia is still swathed in sheets of fleece. I’m waiting for the early morning frosts to end. Last year I removed the fleece too soon and none of the buds flowered. The previous year I kept the camellia wrapped in fleece until the end of April and there was a profusion of blooms. I…… Continue reading ‘Ne’er cast a clout till May be out’.

Happy Birthday William Shakespeare!

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Historians believe Shakespeare was born on 23rd April in 1564. The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust explains why April 23rd is deemed to be Shakespeare’s birthday. The town of Stratford upon Avon, Shakespeare’s birthplace, has celebrated his birthday for over two hundred years on the nearest Saturday to 23rd April. Did Shakespeare have a birthday cake? Maybe…… Continue reading Happy Birthday William Shakespeare!

Blueberries: a great porridge topper and good for you too!

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Porridge is a great way to start the day especially with a healthy topper. Sometimes I include a drizzle of honey and occasionally a sprinkle of cinnamon. Today I added a few blueberries to my porridge and they were delicious. I know that a handful of blueberries make a great contribution to your 5-a-day. The NHS website…… Continue reading Blueberries: a great porridge topper and good for you too!

Every weekend should be a three day weekend!

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A top Bank Holiday quote on social media is every weekend should be a three day weekend! And who wouldn’t agree with that? The Green Party agrees and announced at their recent Spring Conference that they would be looking into making a longer weekend a reality. The Guardian newspaper gave the Green Party leaders, Caroline…… Continue reading Every weekend should be a three day weekend!

7 Easter stories you might have missed

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Easter Greetings! In the News My early morning cup of tea and stumble round the Internet has turned up some interesting stories for Easter. The Mirror is offering Top facts about the Easter bunny and the origin of chocolate eggs and hot cross buns and The Guardian has Giles Fraser explaining why “it’s complicated”. Is there really…… Continue reading 7 Easter stories you might have missed

Cinnamon: a delicious porridge topper

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I’ve found that cinnamon is a delicious topper for my daily breakfast porridge. And not only does cinnamon taste good but it does you good as well. According to our well-thumbed copy of Food is Better Medicine than Drugs, cinnamon is very good for reducing blood sugar levels and can also help to reduce ‘bad’…… Continue reading Cinnamon: a delicious porridge topper